NICOLÁS GROSPIERRE. Todo palidece ante el libro

NICOLÁS GROSPIERRE. Todo palidece ante el libro2016 PHotoEspaña

30 June 2016 - 13 September 2016 Centro de Arte Alcobendas

Todo palidece ante el libro presents the printed book as the universal medium, the container which holds all the narrations, the story that tells all the stories, including that of its own birth, but also of its own destruction.

In this exhibition, Nicolas Grospierre has assembled several works – photographs, photographic objects, installations, videos – which, every time in a different way, praise the wonder of the book, by showing the vertigo and exhilaration that enlightenment can create, the melancholy at the prospect of a devastated library, but also the capacity of knowledge to come back to life once it has been destroyed, literally rising from its own ashes.